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Smart Moving Tips for Artists: How to Enjoy a Hassle-Free Move


Image via Pixabay The Holmes-Rahe Stress Inventory measures positive and negative life changes and their impact on your stress level. Among the 43 most stressful events in life, five are related to where and how you live. Moving can wreak havoc on anyone’s stress level. That stress is compounded when you’re moving financially or sentimentally valuable artwork. For artists or collectors moving precious materials and products, preparation can mean the … Read More →

Call For Artists: 5100 Restaurant


5100 Restaurant Email Phone (608) 223-1418 Address of Venue 5100 Erling Ave McFarland, WI 53558 Map It Size of venue/space in which the art would be displayed 5,000 sq. ft. Preferred media/style you would like to display We are looking for any and all handmade goods and art for local vendors and artists to sell and display. It’s our Annual Holiday Market, and we are expanding our venue. 6ft … Read More →

Call for Artists: Arts and Literature Laboratory


Name of Venue Arts and Literature Laboratory Email Phone (608) 556-7415 Address of Venue 2021 Winnebago Street Madison, WI 53704 Map It Size of venue/space in which the art would be displayed 750 sq. ft. Preferred media/style you would like to display Arts + Literature Laboratory (ALL), a new community art space, is seeking proposals for a two- or three-week exhibition or installation during the month of November 2015. … Read More →

Artography: An Instagram Madison Art Mapping Project!

Artography | #MadArtMap

The Artery recently launched a crowd-sourced art mapping project called Artography. “Madison is full of amazing art, but it’s not obvious to everyone where it is,” said Candy Phelps, founder of The Artery. “We wanted to make art more accessible for people by literally putting the art on a map. The goal of the project is to document and photograph the art venues, galleries, public art and street art in town and … Read More →

Alaura Megan Seidl is Making Art and Making Change

Alaura Megan Seidl

by Sherry BonDurant, writer for The Artery Alaura Megan Seidl is one fascinating and busy creator and community activist. Alaura is an artist, founder of ArtWrite Collective, and teaches at the University. She even found time to hike the Appalachian Trail.  Alaura has a lot to share, so let’s get right to it! I see that you are the founder of an intriguing cooperative called ArtWrite Collective. In one sentence, … Read More →

Josh Ciolkosz Photography

Josh Ciolkosz Photographer and Family

Josh Ciolkosz the type of guy you wouldn’t mind being trapped in an elevator with for several hours.  His sunny disposition and faith would buoy your spirits, stories and pictures of his family would make you smile, and he would probably give you half of his sandwich. Josh is a talented photographer who remembers CD clubs and what it’s like to shoot on film. Read more about Josh in our Q&A below and … Read More →

2015 Artery Scholarship Fund Goes To ArtWrite Resilient

Art Scholarship Fund

The Artery is committed to helping promote art in the community and the use of art in programs in various ways. 10% of all the net proceeds on our website are put toward The Artery Scholarship Fund, which will go each year to an underprivileged student who is applying to or attending art school or for art supplies for a program in need. The more sales we have each year, the larger that scholarship fund will … Read More →

Jessica M. Pankratz

Jessica M. Pankratz

by Sherry BonDurant, writer for The Artery Jessica M. Pankratz is one of The Artery’s new artists. I actually saw Jessica’s work for the first time at a solo exhibition at Mother Fool’s Coffeehouse. I was so impressed that I wanted to learn more about her and her unique style of art. Find out how Jessica gets her creative juices flowing, and more, right here. I read that you started as … Read More →

Deepa Sampath

Deepa Sampath

by Sherry BonDurant, writer for The Artery Deepa Sampath adds beauty and color to the world with incredibly vibrant paintings. Deepa is quite versatile, working with a number of different mediums. Did you know you can paint with coffee powder? Deepa has done it, and find out what else this talented artist can do right here!   Do you generally look at an object when drawing or painting? I prefer looking … Read More →

Madison Art Hub

Madison Art Hub

by Sherry BonDurant, writer for The Artery Madison Art Hub is a new space on the east side that is ready to welcome artists with open arms. In need of a place to create? They have you covered with 17 private studio rentals available. The Hub would also love to showcase your work. Want to learn more about what they can do for you? Look no further than right here, … Read More →