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Molly Bernier’s Whimsy House

by Sherry BonDurant, writer for The Artery

Whimsy Pendants

Are you a lover of all things vintage? Do you strive to find that one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry or accessory? Then you need to check out Molly Bernier’s Whimsy House. Molly’s pieces are attractive, unique, and upcycled to boot. Whimsy never looked better, and find out how it all got started right here.

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How did you become so crafty? 

I grew up with two crafty grandmothers.  One was artsy in that she liked to dabble in just about anything creative while the other was a talented quilter and cross-stitcher.  I remember being around them and loving that they were “makers.”  I loved “making” too.  I always favored art class to gym class 1 million fold!   Also, my mom is very gifted at decorating and making a beautiful home.  All of these ladies were influential to me and gave me the confidence to express myself both through Whimsy House and through my interior design business In Home Designs.  Creating is a way of life for me.  It’s very satisfying to my soul.


Do you design on paper first or just throw yourself into creating each piece? 

No paper!  No plans!  I prefer to just go for it and create on the fly.

Since your jewelry and accessories are upcycled, do you have a favorite place to pick up “supplies?”

Oh, the thrill of the hunt!  Finding my supplies is half the fun.  I scour flea markets and antique malls, garage sales and eBay.  I’m fortunate to have been creating Whimsy House accessories long enough now that many people have button jars or vintage jewelry that they pass on to me.  Nothing is better than a big jar of buttons as a gift!  Silly as it sounds to many, it’s seriously a joyful experience for me.

Why are you so inspired by vintage and do you decorate your home in that style?Pendants

Growing up with parents who loved antiques, I’ve had a life time of “antiquing” experiences which equals inspiration for me.  My mom and I owned an antiques and gift shop together in downtown Middleton for a while which was great fun.  This was years before Etsy and the awesome arts and crafts shows around today.  We searched high and low for quality handcrafted items to sell.  When we sold our shop and I started down the road of interior design, vintage style continued to inspire me.  Whimsy House was born when I took time off from interior design to be with my two young daughters, the second who was born premature and needed some extra attention.  Whimsy House became my stay-at-home-mommy creative outlet.  During this time we were also in temporary housing with very little extra space so I needed to create with supplies that didn’t take up much room.  Buttons!  We now live in an 1850’s stone house that my husband and I had gutted clean down to the 2’ thick stone walls.  It took five years to get it to the beautiful place it is now and we love it!  So yes, I definitely have a vintage inspired home.  Make that a vintage inspired life!

The cuffs are one thing that really caught my eye. Do you have a favorite when it comes to designing?

I enjoy designing my pendant necklaces best.  I love sorting through all the hundreds of buttons and piles of vintage jewelry that I have in search of the perfect combination to make something unique and new.  I sometimes ponder the past life of the buttons and supplies I use and wonder how they made it so far and into my hands.  I love making things that are one-of-a-kind, that are truly unique and as individual as my customers who wear them.1185464_10151649286243300_1591923313_n[1]

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Enjoying many of the same things I do today… my dear family and friends, cooking and eating, reading and creating.  I know my work will always revolve around one creative endeavor or another.  I would love to eek out some travel time but would guess life will still be revolving around our home and our girls (now 7 and 10) which make my heart sing every day.