New Features

We are proud to announce that the Artery’s reconstruction is coming to a close. Below you will find a list of changes and features now available to vendors.

Update Notes:

  • All Previous vendors and most products have been imported. Once you login please go to The Vendor Dashboard and complete the store set-up process.
  • Vendors who complete their store set-up and have 10 products for sale by 10/10/19 will receive a 2sqft print credit at The Madison Print House
  • Vendors may now add an unlimited amount of products
  • The Website is now mobile friendly
  • Full self serve “Art Services” directory has been added.

New Features

Ajax Live Search

The Search bar will return results instantly as customers search for products.

Follow Store

Customers can now follow your stores and get updates when you post new products.

PDF Invoice

Invoices are automatically generated and are downloadable as pdf files.

Return and Warranty Request

Return and Warranty module that allows vendors to set their polices and manage any returns.

Vendor Review

Customers may now rate vendors. Stick out with high ratings!