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Barbara Scharpf

I’m an impasto painter from Madison, WI inspired by the world around me. Take a stroll through my gallery; my art consists of the changing seasons, silhouettes, and angels.


When I began painting at a very young age, my family members always encouraged me. They were busy running a third-generation furniture and decorating business, so I was around color and textures and LOVED IT!  I have evolved over the years from being a classic realistic artist, trained to use oils, into a painter allowing for more soft, contemporary, loose lines with a lot of movement and texture. Some have labeled me the “Happy Painter”. I use pure professional quality acrylic paints using both palette knifes and brushes. At Creative Womanhood I have a staff that handcrafts our wood canvases to custom sizes and finish them off with handcrafted wood frames. Each painting is distinctive and original created with a special person, place or time in mind. I feel very blessed that I am able to work full time on my passion for color and creativity. While raising our three children was the best job in the world, I now have to admit this is My favorite thing in the world to do. This IS my true calling.

About Creative Womanhood

Creative Womanhood is an organization that exists to encourage and empower women to discover their creative talents, as well as the spirituality and faith surrounding those gifts as they are shared in the home. Barbara Scharpf is an artist, singer, dancer, and gifted fine art enthusiast who brings her love for the home, family, friends, and creativity to her many passions. It is her wish to offer a community for women to share in the therapeutic benefits of creative expression in their many, varied forms—through the strokes of a brush, movement of dance, or sounds of music. This sisterhood of fellow artists offers women the revitalizing benefits of purpose and recognition as Creative Womanhood fosters an awareness of creative gifts in women that may have been hidden, overlooked, or just never tapped into. It is an organization that believes that the care of those closest to us has a deeply eternal purpose.

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