Uninvited Guests at Half Moon Bay

$30,000.00 $24,998.00

15 custom-cut pieces of dichroic glass, 10 crystals, and one LED lamp create this Light Sculpture that covers nearly 200 square feet in the living room of Charles Lindsay’s condo on N. Ocean Blvd. in Palm Beach, Florida.
*The discount price is dependent on art patron’s paying of expenses – basically for all supplies, labor and travel.


First, know that all Light Sculptures are commissioned, so the ones on this site have already sold. Each Light Sculpture begins with a conversation…about Purpose, Size, Colors, Location, Timing, Materials, and, of course, Budget. Contact me at

Light Sculptures are made from dichroic glass, and a light source. We use only our specially designed LED spotlights, as they are environmentally friendly, and our bulbs last 50,000+ hours (that’s 6 years if you leave them on 24/7!). If and/or when a bulb burns out we will send you a new one free of charge.

Light Sculptures come in three forms. 1) The most dramatic and full-scale Light Sculptures are installed directly onto the wall by myself and/or my crew. It takes about 3 days to properly install and fine-tune. The last large one we installed was in Palm Beach, Florida, and covered a condo living room wall 14 feet high by 12 feet wide. “Uninvited Guests at Half-Moon Bay” is an example.

2) A second form is installed on a platform (all the glass is on the platform (24″ x 36″) and the LED lamp is on a separate platform (9″ square). Special brackets are already attached, and the client can – along with another person with some carpentry skills – hang it themselves. “Let Go, Let God” is an example of a “platform-based Light Sculpture. 

3) The third form of a Light Sculpture is built inside of a shadow box. They can range in size from 72″ x 48″ to 30″ x 40″. All glass and the LED spotlight are inside the box (with sides 6″ to 12″ in height). These boxed Light Sculptures must be crated, shipped freight and mounted with special wall mounts. They are hung like a large picture would be, or a better example: Imagine a huge medicine cabinet needing to be hung on the wall. These require special help to mount, as they can be quite heavy. “Crystal City” is an example. 


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