Tambor de Agua


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"Tambor de Agua"  Water Drum

“Tambor de Agua”
Water Drum

Media: Wood and calabash
Size: 38″x14″x11″

Description:This type of drum has roots in many world cultures. One of the halves of a calabash, the yellow part in the slide, is filled with water and other small half calabash floats in the water. When the floating half is struck with a soft mallet it produces a beautiful deep-resonant sound. The body, an allegory of a water animal like a whale is sculpted out of Cuban mahogany. The ribs in the front behave like a unit but at the same time is a movable part that can be turned in different directions.
This instrument is made out of two half calabashes. The body is designed as an allegory of a water animal like a whale made out of Cuban mahogany. The principle behind this drum has been used by many cultures around the globe.

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