Pyrography Skull Earrings


Pyrography Skull Earrings


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Pyrography stud earrings. I cut these 5/8 inch diameter slices from an oak up on the hill. I use my wood burner to burn the image in, then seal the piece in resin.

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Pete Sandker

Pete Sandker | Denature

My name is Pete Sandker. I am a self taught watercolor artist and have lately been branching out into pyrography. I work in a warehouse and also do flooring, but in my spare time I like to walk in the woods and soak in the beauty of nature, no matter what the season. I am always amazed by how perfect the earth is at designing. We humans spend an eternity choosing colors and angles, placing a chair in just the right spot, matching stripes with solids. I look at the sky during a storm at sunset. Colors swirl i the sky in combinations I never would have thought would go together, yet they are beautiful. A tree, half dead, falls in the woods, yet the angle if it against the other trees looks perfectly natural, its dead branches contrasting wonderfully with the living. I just can’t get over how nature never messes up. Because of this, I don’t try to re create nature. I paint it to show how I feel about it, I alter it, mold it to fit in my brain as perfectly as it fits in the earth. I denature it.