Repurposed Breakfast Bar/Kitchen Island with High Back Bar Stools


Repurposed Breakfast Bar/Kitchen Island with High Back Bar Stools


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This furniture piece really takes repurposing to a whole new level! This piano’s action was in such rough shape, that the cost to replace the inner parts was more than the piano was worth. What to do?! At The Piano Gal Shop, we save what we can and repurpose it into functional furniture, art, jewelry and more. 

This 1976 Yamaha is now a fully functional kitchen island with breakfast bar! The wood is a walnut satin finish and is in great condition. The entire piano action, pins, strings, plate, and pedals have been removed, leaving the piano frame. To make this great piece, the keybed was raised with 2 x 4s underneath, and then laminate countertop was layed on top. This gives it a perfect height fo prepping food. The back of the counter surface is from the original key cover, so that you even still see the Yamaha name label. This counter surface was then sealed with a dark caulk, so that it stays clean and food is easy to clean up. Then, the pinblock has been covered with a tile backsplash and trim. Directly under the backsplash is a small shelf, using wood from the piano, giving lots of shelf space for spices and other small items. Now wait, there’s more!! The left side of the backsplash is a handmade shelf with a towel hook underneath.

Then, to make the breakfast bar counter, the original piano lid, was simply turned around the other way, creating the perfect fit for a bar countertop surface. It has been secured with several metal L brackets, so it’s sturdy and can hold food, drinks, and elbows!

Lastly, this entire island piece comes with 2 high back stools that fully swivel. They are also found items, that have been cleaned up and sprayed a great camel color to compliment the backsplash and countertop.

56 inches (Length) x 33 inches(Depth) x 41.5 (Height)


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Hi! I own a music store in downtown Sun Prairie. I am a piano technician and I specialize in piano sales and sheet music sales. Also, my store’s niche is that I repurpose/recycle old pianos and piano parts as well as vintage sheet music into furniture, jewelry, and works of art! I sell in my store and Etsy, but I am looking for an online avenue for my art to reach a larger audience in Madison.