Moulting - 2013


Moulting – 2013


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Acrylic and tape on 8″x8″ mounted wooden panel

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Katie Hess Art

When I create my work, it’s similar to an improvisational jazz solo. I start with a structure; a sort of framework for which my figures or forms dwell. Within these confines, my mind plays and twists the shapes to create new and unexpected results. It is like an intuitive dance with my paintbrush or pen. Although I like to keep this mystery for the viewer as well as myself, certain themes do pop up in my work. My spiritual exploration is very important to me, and as I often ponder the mysteries of life and the unknown, it is no wonder that these thoughts will appear in my work. I like ambiguity, I feel that this is a more honest rendition than realistic representation. I like to create semi-figurative, semi-abstract works. This gives the viewer a place to start, but the story is up to them. I am very interested in everyone’s stories and perception so it is important to me that I keep this mystery alive. Watching people look at my work, I see a play in their eyes. They enjoy the jazzy dance, and the hidden meanings are all their own. In this way, my work is interactive, and belongs to everyone.

Katie Hess is an independent freelance artist based in Madison, WI. She recently received her BFA from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, emphasizing her studies in painting, drawing, and serigraphy.