Maroon’s Vision of the Future


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Media: Wood and seeds
Size: 84″x10″x11″

This instrument is an eight foot wooden chain attached to the top of a wooden military helmet. The helmet has at its base a ratchet which simulates the sound of a machine gun. The links that make up the chain are hollowed out and filled with seeds to produce shaker- like sounds. The chain and helmet are made out of African mahogany. The ratchet is Honduras rosewood and ebony with brass pins.
This instrument is played in a way that enhances the statement of the piece. The player carries the chain around her/his neck letting it hang to the player’s waist. The helmet is held with the left hand while the right hand produces the sound with the ratchet under it. The scary machine gun sound, and the chain around the human player’s neck visually transport us to Latin America where the “new” military slavery is in fashion.

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