HIMYM Yellow Umbrella & Blue French Horn Duo Gift Set


HIMYM Yellow Umbrella & Blue French Horn Duo Gift Set


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Why decide which one you want, when you can get them both for a discounted price? These HIMYM canvas set make a perfect gift for your significant other, a friend who’s a super fan of How I Met Your Mother, or even for your own home decor.Each canvas is wrapped separately and ready to gift, in case you want to give each canvas to a different person!Since this is made to order, the typography might be slightly altered and will not look exactly identical to these photos. The picture above is an 10 x 10 x .5 in thick canvas, but if you are interested in a different size canvas, please email me with details!Made with acrylic paint and hand painted with extreme patience and detail! The side of the canvases is also painted the background color.This wall art comes wrapped in kraft paper, ready to be gifted! It is then carefully packaged and shipped to ensure safe delivery. Default shipping is flat rate $7.50 (average 2-3 days shipping), including a $50 security and a tracking number. For more details on my other shipping options and prices, please contact me!
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