Guess Who

Eli Quinn

Guess Who


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More psychedelic linework of one of my favorite characters. Done in ballpoint pen, I do like to alternate between crowquill + ink and a regular ballpoint in my work. Colored digitally. Giclee full-color print. 11″ x 14″ so will fit a standard frame size.

Note: this print came out a bit darker than the version you see on-screen, so the border is a bit closer to black rather than very dark green. Damn you, printing! Don’t worry — still looks rad.

Signature ink recommendation: White or gold.

Price: $20.00
Shipping Cost: $5.00

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Eli Quinn Art

I am an artist from Madison, WI. I draw and paint the surreal and psychedelic phantasms storming through my synapses.

This page will mainly feature Giclee prints and screenprints of my line art. Other products such as cards and t-shirts will be available from time to
time as well.

I don’t sign my prints ahead of time, so when you buy the print you can specify what color of ink you’d like me to sign and number them in. Choices
of black, white, gold, or pencil.