Golden Birds


Golden Birds


Sold by: Makarand Datar
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12 in. X 12 in. prints

Printed on 110# index matte paper

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Makarand Datar

I went to graduate school at UW-Madison and that’s my “How did I end up in Madison, WI” story. Originally, I am from India. I have always liked geometry and its ability to captivate my imagination. This, coupled with an itch to make/draw something by hand, inspired me to create this artwork.

My artwork utilizes simple geometric patterns to create more complicated shapes. Sometimes, a process or an algorithm is repeated over and over again to realize a complicated piece whose roots lie in very simple strokes of pencil. In other situations, an attempt is made to portray a transformation from one shape to another using a series of intermediate shapes. Shapes transform themselves from one form to another in a series of gradual steps; thus creating a sense of evolution.

I don’t set out to produce art about one subject or another. I am constantly drawing in a sketchbook and sometimes the drawings are left in the sketchbook itself and other times they develop into more in-depth ideas and detailed images.

It has been quite a meditative experience to lose myself in creating these pieces and I plan on continuing to do so in the future.

Thanks for taking a peek.