God Walk


God Walk


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11x14 Colored Pencil

Colored Pencil

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IMG_3792Jessica M. Pankratz Art

I call myself an Inspirational, “In Spirit”, Artist because I believe there is an endless creative energy in the universe that is accessible to everyone.  I see it, feel it and hear it everywhere I look.  It falls under many names and is expressed in many ways. I feel that this creative force is everywhere and in ALL of us.  All it seems to take is noticing it, allowing it and flowing with it.

I have devoted my life to personal growth and transformation, to waking up to my true essence as a spirit-filled human being and to supporting others in their own awakening, a remembrance of our true essence. I do this through art, through my work as a family therapist & substance abuse counselor as well as through being an Intuitive and Energy Practitioner.

My goal is to inspire and be inspired in all aspects of my being. I strive to be a symbol of love, peace, light, joy, vibrancy, creativity and authenticity. This takes a steady willingness to grow and learn lessons, to know it won’t always be pretty. It takes a willingness to make mistakes, to be vulnerable, to go within, to take risks, to face fear, to feel pain and to be wrong sometimes–in essence it means being willing to be human too. None of this is easy but I’ve found that this path is well worth it.