Blue-eyed grass Kinetic Garden Sculpture



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This Windflower was modeled after a pretty little flower called blue-eyed grass. Though their foliage is grass-like, the blue-eyed grasses belong to the iris family, not the grass family. Blue-eyed grass is noted for its violet-blue flowers and branched flowering stems. Perhaps you want to buy a few so you’ll have a clump of them.

Windflowers are kinetic garden windmills made from recycled bicycle rims and LDPE plastic, plumbing hardware and a sturdy garden stake. Each Windflower resembles a real flower- cosmos, blanket flower, anenome, blue-eyed grass or purple aster. The variety of floral options available let you make your own artistic statement.

Windflowers spin with fade-resistant durability, providing hours of delight and endless entertainment. The beauty of every Windflower kinetic garden sculpture is in its simplicity and almost constant movement. Even when still, your Windflower will be a vibrant focal point in your Zen garden oasis or yard. You and your friends will agree, this is no ordinary garden windmill.

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Weight10 lbs
Dimensions30 × 30 × 72 in


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