Bike Path

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Bike Path


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Permanent Marker on Canvas.

8 x 10 Print.

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JP Art and Design

I ponder regularly.

Don’t we all?
Through the lines created by the touch of pen to the patient, expectant page,
I hope the emotion, imagination, wonder that runs through my mind
Will traverse your neural networks too


Brought to life in art as a picture, painting, or poem.
I am imperfect I stumble I fall
I am bombarded with challenges life throws at me mercilessly,
Most of all I struggle
To remember the successes should be celebrated as well.
In these pieces, you can see it all.
Emotion, admiration, imagination, celebration. I ponder regularly,
And I encourage you to do so

~ Jordan Marie Peschek ~

Jordan is an ACE certified personal trainer with the University of Wisconsin Madison Rec Sports. At UW, she is pursuing a degree in nursing, a certificate in Business, and a certificate in Leadership. And of course, she continues to challenge her creative mind by painting and drawing artwork that can be appreciated by the Madison community and its visitors. She greatly appreciates your support!