Candy Phelps

Josh Ciolkosz Photography

Josh Ciolkosz Photographer and Family

Josh Ciolkosz the type of guy you wouldn’t mind being trapped in an elevator with for several hours.  His sunny disposition and faith would buoy your spirits, stories and pictures of his family would make you smile, and he would probably give you half of his sandwich. Josh is a talented photographer who remembers CD clubs and what it’s like to shoot on film. Read more about Josh in our Q&A below and … Read More →

Behind the Scenes with Meghan Blake-Horst and MadCity Bazaar

madcity bazaar

We’ve all know Meghan Blake-Horst as the the owner of Absolutely Art, and now she is spreading her wings as one of the founders of MadCity Bazaar, the urban pop-up flea market that you keep hearing about. No matter where her professional career takes her, it’s clear she’ll always be truly invested in Madison, a steward of the arts, and a joy to all who know her. Meghan, a mother … Read More →

Jessica Steinhoff

ertainment Editor at Isthmus

Jessica Steinhoff is anything but ordinary. She doesn’t own a car, but she does own a piano. She was writing professionally at age 14. This classically trained violinist also enjoys listening to noise music that — in her words — sounds like bacon frying. Besides her dual first love of music and words, she is a photographer, a gardener, a cook, a traveler, and a communitarian. As the Arts & … Read More →

Social Media, Chicken Feed & Plein Air Painting…


Courtney Scanlan, 23, is taking the Paoli art scene into the world of social media one gallery at a time. Courtney is currently running the social media marketing campaigns for both Zazen Gallery and Cluck the Chicken Store in Paoli, WI. She’s also working with the Paoli merchant’s association in helping draw a younger crowd to the town, which has long been known as an artist community. Zazen Gallery is … Read More →

Arts and Jewish Culture

The Madison Jewish Artists’ Laboratory Seeks Participants for an Initiative in the Arts and Jewish Culture For many Jews, the arts can serve as a common denominator regardless of their degree of belief, cultural literacy, or religious affiliation. The UW-Madison Hillel at the Barbara Hochberg Center for Jewish Student Life, The Conney Project on Jewish Arts (an initiative of the Mosse/Weinstein Center for Jewish Studies at the University of Wisconsin), … Read More →

Central Library Opens with a Bang: Stacked

Madison Central Library

My library is hipper than your library, now say the people of Madison to, well, pretty much everyone else. The grand opening of the Central Library in Madison was kicked off Sept. 19. with Stacked, an event featuring art, music, performers, adult beverages and warm gooey cookies. It was a major party in the stacks — a game changer pushing the envelope of what library space is used for. Dozens … Read More →

Kerri Shannon


Kerri Shannon of KShan Jewels is an artist and a lifelong student. She is continually improving her art skills, studying different techniques and mediums as well as becoming educated in the business side of the art world. Kerri is also a student of life. She learns from life’s most difficult lessons and moves forward with self-knowledge, resiliency, and an inspiring positive attitude. Kerri is a mother, a wife, a daughter, … Read More →

Alisa Toninato


Spending a couple hours with Alisa Toninato, owner of FeLion Studios in Madison, is pure delight. No story of hers is complete without grandiose hand gestures, captivating facial expressions and, if you’re lucky, a pretty darn good New York accent. I was giggling practically the whole time I was at her studio. Besides being a total badass iron artist, she is also an inspiring entrepreneur. Her and her partner, Andrew, … Read More →

Heylon Wolter


Heylon Wolter is your quintessential “starving artist” but certainly not for a lack of talent or ambition. Heylon, 26, currently has 4 jobs and is so busy working to pay the bills, he doesn’t have any spare time to promote his art or find the kind of work he is really passionate about. Heylon is a dedicated comic artist who sacrificed a lot to put himself through art school, including … Read More →

Tami Reschke


Tami Reschke is a hugger not a hand-shaker. To meet her is like taking a dip in a cool lake on a hot summer day: refreshing, fun and invigorating. You almost hope by wearing a piece of her unique hand-crafted jewelry, you might become a happier and more charming person. Her infectious enthusiasm for art and life comes out in her jewelry with funk and flair that totally shouts “Madison … Read More →