Month: June 2014

Fat City Emporium window display

Fat City Emporium Opens on Madison’s Artsy East Side

by Sherry BonDurant, writer for The Artery


There’s a new kid in town and it’s called Fat City Emporium. The venue showcases and sells local artists’ work in a casual and eclectic atmosphere. The pieces are diverse with a wide range of prices, allowing affordability for everyone. Ryan Robinson, a local artist, is the brainchild behind Fat City Emporium. On behalf of The Artery, I interviewed Todd Maahs to see what they are all about.

What type of art do you sell?

Abstract paintings, hand-made furniture, paintings, pottery, photography, hand illustration, abstract pop art, mixed media, and antiques–any artifact is fair game. The majority of the pieces are original work. Our goal is that your experience is different each visit.


Are you looking for work from artists, and if so, how should they contact you?

Yes we are! Artists can contact or reach us on our Facebook page. Other details can be found online at

SAM_4568Do you plan to host any events?

Absolutely; as many as we can. We are definitely going to do art parties and other weekly and monthly events. Details for our events are on our Fan Page ( Soon we’ll have some musicians play to give that a go. We’ve discussed having some artists do some work live too. Our goal is to be casual, friendly, and approachable. We want to engage the community and other neighborhood businesses.

Is there anything in particular that made you choose this location?

This area is an important area for the local art scene. We gravitated here and have experience with the space already, and because we’ve spent a lot of time in this part of Madison.

What do you think about Madison’s art scene?

It’s like other scenes in Madison. It’s the biggest small town in the world and very personable. There will always be a need and environment for more unique opportunities. Definitely not too much art here. I feel we are a long ways from having a very noticeable art scene, but it’s a great city for art and people are right-minded for it.

What would you say to the community to get them to check out Fat City Emporium?

We are a consortium of artists for artists primarily, with an eye for the public as an art experience. Our pricing, artist opportunities, and featuring an ever evolving collection of art are the main draws to come to the shop. Unlike Ryan, I’m new to collecting art, and the thing that really appeals to me is the diversity styles and reasonable prices. Fat City offers something for everyone and is a brand with a feel to it. It’s comfortable without sacrifice to make it accessible to everyone. Attracting a very diverse set of artists who care more about getting their art in the world rather than making a ton of money.