Month: April 2014

Hatch Art House

by Sherry BonDurant hatchOn behalf of The Artery, Sherry BonDurant paid a visit to the Hatch Art House to learn more about the shop and the owner who started it all, Tammy Schreiter. Hatch Art House is brimming with eclectic, beautiful pieces of art from more than 50 Wisconsin artists. Everything at the shop is for sale, and the variety is endless including jewelry, magnets, ceramics, note cards, and a whole lot more. See for yourself by checking out Hatch Art House, located at 1248 Williamson Street across from the Willy
Street Co-op.

How did Hatch Art House get its start and where does the name come from?
As a young emerging artist, I found myself wishing there were a casual, inviting art gallery that would be welcoming to ALL artists and patrons. The word “hatch” means many things, but mainly fresh and emerging and Art House is more casual and relaxed than the word “gallery.” We are more of a gift shop/gallery hybrid. I wanted a place that would welcome people from all walks of life and income levels.


Are you an artist, and if so, is your work displayed here?
Yes to both questions. I have a Fine Arts degree in painting and work with mainly watercolor and acrylics. I also enjoy rehabbing old furniture and making jewelry.

Are your collections permanent, temporary, or both?
All of the collections here are temporary. I have art displayed from more than 50 artists and every piece is an artist’s work that is for sale. Each artist must reside in the state of Wisconsin in order to have their work here on consignment.

paintingsDo you offer regular events or art classes?
I do not offer any art classes. I do offer an event that is once per month, which is the “Featured Artist of the Month.” This is an in-house artist of my choosing, who is featured for an entire month including a reception the second Friday of the month. In addition, I host a juried art show two times per year (EcoSquared in January and EcoSculpt in July) featuring upcycled art.

How does an artist apply to have their work consigned at your shop?
Artists can apply online at I review submissions and contact the artist if there is a good fit and availability.