Month: September 2013

Central Library Opens with a Bang: Stacked

Madison Central LibraryMy library is hipper than your library, now say the people of Madison to, well, pretty much everyone else.

The grand opening of the Central Library in Madison was kicked off Sept. 19. with Stacked, an event featuring art, music, performers, adult beverages and warm gooey cookies. It was a major party in the stacks — a game changer pushing the envelope of what library space is used for. Dozens if not hundreds of people stood in line to get into Stacked, but presale ticket owners got to go to the front of the line.

Library Art GalleryThe event was a huge hit, and the highlight was the space itself. Uber contemporary and artsy design is the hallmark of the new library. Wall to ceiling to floor white makes the gray Dell computers seem out of place on the individual work stations.


The top floor features a full art gallery, the bottom level has amazing little reading pods. There is a green screen room, a 3-D printer and so much more. It is a multi-media paradise.

The lighting in the library is masterfully done, with each individual shelve having it’s own light source.

Madison Central Library Design

The Bubbler Library Program

The Bubbler is the new art programing, brought to you by Trent Miller and others at the library, which will feature maker-focused programming model for all ages. Whether learning the basics of animation, screen printing, music, clothing design, dance, or painting (to name a few), The Bubbler’s hands-on pop-up workshops will introduce participants to a variety of local experts who will share their talents and physical resources.  The Bubbler experience promises to be current and dynamic, offering a wide range of lectures, demonstrations, and make-and-take workshops.

Madison Central Library

The new Madison Central Library is a community gem. I for one am proud and excited to have a such dynamic and progressive space. Here’s to all the folks at the library who made the event a success and all the donors who made it possible.